Who Are The Voices?

Eric Bitmoji


(Game Master)

Enjoys all mediums of storytelling and producing content that entertains. You can also find him rock climbing, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or drinking tea. Tabletop roleplaying has been one of his favorite creative outlets since he started.



(playing as Balen)

A newcomer to table-top gaming, Andrew’s first paper and pencil campaign was with Ian and Mike in the “Star Wars: Edge of the Empire” system. Andrew dove headfirst into fifth edition “Dungeons and Dragons” in early 2017 as a DM for a group of likewise newcomers. He has since rejoined Ian and Mike to once again take up arms against evil and villainy as the dwarf Balen Copperbeard.

Ian Bitmoji



(playing as Pankus)

Hailing from the Great White North, Ian’s first dive into tabletop roleplaying games was with the Mutants and Masterminds system, having Eric as the GM. After playing this system and a few games of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Ian got so frightened of Eric’s GMing that he moved to the other side of the continent (kidding… kinda, he did move), where he would eventually meet Andrew and Mike. He has gone through a few different names in the past, but join him now on his quest for power as Pankus, the weird, creepy warlock.


Mike Bitmoji


(playing as Rock)

To his friends he’s affectionately referred to as “Bevi”, those who’ve heard him making melodic mouth sounds call him “Beats”, The purple beings that have crossed over to the 5th dimension sense the presence “Sky Burner” when he is near. He once parlayed with a paltry party of paladins who partook him to be one “Mason Shield”… There may be other worlds than this, but trust that “Rock Stallion” is the gatekeeper to your Hunab Ku.



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