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Join Balen (a spiky dwarf), Pankus (a creepy warlock), and Rock (a free-wheeling soldier) as they travel around the world with the task of completing “easy” side-missions, earning their guild some quick cash. Although they comply, they rarely make it easy for themselves, and they really see this as an opportunity for their own agenda: to expand their startup Windcroak Manor guild.

What is this? It’s RPG Time! is a PG-rated podcast show, based on our Dungeons & Dragons (5e) sessions. New episodes typically release every Saturday!

Where do I begin? Each season is self-contained, having its own story arc. Every season start off with a “Prologue,” which is where we recap last season and set the stage for the current one. So while it’s best to start at Season 1 for the full picture of the story, you can start at any season you want with the Prologue.

We also try to keep each episode under an hour.

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-Game Master (Eric)

The “It’s RPG Time!” world (art cred goes to Haley):